Pallet Accounting

It records all pallet transactions, or any other type of transport packaging while keeping accounts for each person involved in the transport chain (producer/supplier, customer/recipient, transport company).

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Fraunhofer IML validation

In 2023 Onit obtained the Fraunhofer IML validation for On.Plant/TMS.
The important German research institute, part of the largest applied research organization in Europe (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), has certified the quality of the software that allows the planning and optimization of shipments, enables tracking of trips in real-time and facilitates communications within the transport network.


With input from various sources (ERP, TMS, POD or manual data entry), for each journey Pallet Accounting allows you to track how many units have been delivered to the driver, how many have reached the customer and how many have then been returned by the recipient.

It operates in a similar way to a bank account. Therefore, it is possible to extract the balance summary (referred to pallets) for each subject or for each group of subjects and thus know all outstanding debits or credits.


  • Records for every transaction: every package counts!
  • Reduction of manual data entry, with packaging transactions obtained automatically
  • Easier management of all types of packages and registration of pallet vouchers
  • More practical thanks to the computerization of the system and digitization of processes
  • Packaging balance for each subject always available and easily accessible
  • Possibility to analyse suspicious situations and deter thefts

Pallet Accounting features that improve your work

Integration with information systems

The list of packaging exchanges (transactions) can be deduced from journeys present on another information system, avoiding or reducing human data entry errors from paper bills.

POD integration

Drivers can register pallet exchanges on smartphones as they deliver. The data is collected in real-time and the operator in the office no longer has to await the return of the paper bills to enter the data manually into the system.

Management of all types of packaging

The system can also be configured to manage packaging other than standard pallets: tanks, crates, refrigerated boxes, etc.

Management of pallet vouchers

The system also allows you to register the paper vouchers used.

Groups of subjects

The system permits you to extract balances for each driver, consignee and customer. It also allows you to group many drivers under a single company name or transport company, just as it can group many destinations in a single company, extracting a balance for each subject or for each grouping.

Extraction to Excel

Allows data to be exported to Excel for a detailed analysis of every individual transaction

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