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Software for the creation of solutions based on the interconnection between objects, services and people

On.Plant: all the benefits of IoT applied to operations and logistics

Everything connected and always under control

The Internet of Things is one of the key technologies of the digital transformation of companies, public administration and consumers.

IoT solutions for Industry 4.0 concern applications for real-time control of production and energy consumption, for predictive maintenance (Smart Factory) and for the traceability of goods in the warehouse or along the supply chain (Smart Supply Chain), as well as for the applications of the most innovative technologies (collaborative robots, computer vision and Edge computing, 3D printers).

Other important segments for the IoT concern the Smart City in the public sphere and the Smart Home, with houses increasingly connected to various domestic devices.

Everything connected and always under control

Our software dedicated to the IoT

On.Plant provides an IoT platform that deals with connectivity from different sources (sensors, PLC, database), remote control of field devices and data collection. Monitors assets and processes and thanks to a flexible configuration of graphical or analytical widgets, manages  alarm thresholds/workflows and generates reports.

Furthermore, a modern Asset Management System allows you to manage all corporate or public administration assets, connect them to the IoT platform and thus govern their preventive and predictive maintenance plans.

The advantage of working with our software

  • Maximization of technological investments: reduction of unplanned downtime
  • A single company-wide standard for connecting all assets
  • Real-time monitoring and control of all company systems with a single platform
  • Increased awareness of productivity, energy consumption, waste
  • Configurability of alarm generation logics, with sending of emails, SMS, notifications on the App
  • Effective organization of maintenance work plans
  • New business models: sale of "pay-per-use" machinery
  • Faster implementation of the IoT solution with respect to traditional IT projects
  • HW independent: interconnection with any product to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Enabling platform: API for the development of external applications that access connected devices
  • Cutting-edge, scalable technological platform for Big Data management
  • Access to the tax benefits of Industry 4.0

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On.Plant is the innovative software platform that simplifies the complexity in the various areas of your Operations and Supply Chain, through flexible, effective and quality solutions and services.

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