Software for the efficient management of automatic production, storage and handling systems

Automatically improving you

The current competitive environment requires factories to be responsive enough to guarantee the production of a wide range of products, always in compliance with quality and tight delivery times.

Automatic production plants represent an effective solution to meet these production needs. An approach that is also valid for intralogistics, an area in which the adoption of modern technologies allows for the creation of warehouses and automatic handling systems.

An environment in which human resources are also transformed, becoming actors able to exploit information to pursue the continuous improvement of production and logistics processes.

Automatically improving you

Our software dedicated to Automation

The On.Plant platform allows you to maximize the productivity of automated logistics and process systems.

Thanks to On.Plant it is possible to supervise the activities in progress, identify anomalies and control all the entities of the factory in real time.

The advantage of working with our software

  • Reduction in the cost of labor in the factory and warehouse
  • Increase in volumes of material produced and handled with the same resources
  • Reduction of configuration errors of production plants
  • Increase OEE in the factory, reduce unplanned downtime and set-up times
  • Saturation of the storage capacity of automatic warehouses
  • Reduction of product picking or handling errors
  • Reduction of accidents in the factory
  • Rigorous approach, based on simulation tools, to design new automatic systems
  • Ability to integrate emerging automation technologies (AR, Robotics, advanced sensors, etc.)
  • Development of ad hoc solutions, based on the configuration of tested application modules
  • Integrated approach: automatic systems connected in real-time with other company software
  • Extensive experience of integration projects with various automation manufacturers

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On.Plant is the innovative software platform that simplifies the complexity in the various areas of your Operations and Supply Chain, through flexible, effective and quality solutions and services.

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