Quality Management System - QMS

Increases product quality by supporting control staff with customizable procedures and prevents the risks of machinery anomalies. The digitization of product and production process check sheets increases control over quality parameters.


Digitization of sheets for quality control and monitoring of factory activities.

A specific workflow for each type of control is triggered by the events generated on the factory information systems or by field sensors.

The operators are guided in filling in quality checks, in the right phase of the process, both on fixed desktop/industrial PC workstations and on the move on Tablets, thus eliminating the need for paper.


  • Increased quality of the production process, reduction of waste
  • Standard methods of planning and carrying out quality controls
  • Accuracy, integrity and searchability of the data entered in the system
  • Tracking of recordings made in real time
  • Timely management of corrective actions on non-conformities
  • Elimination of paper forms: "paperless" project and reduction of paper archive management costs

QMS features that improve your work

Check sheets

Definition of the quality control workflow to be carried out in the factory or in the laboratory per type of product and plant. Definition of the events that determine the generation of the check sheet and classification of the points of the company in which to carry out the control activities.

Checks recording

Checks recording takes place through mobile devices or totems in the factory. Information from machinery is automatically retrieved to streamline the controller's work and avoid typing errors.

Non-Conformity Flow

The system highlights the out-of-range measures that generate the opening of a Non-Conformity on the Quality system. So you are sure that operators are promptly alerted, that they proceed to implement the corrective action plan and complete the resolution of the Non-Conformity.

Reporting and Archiving

Digital instead of paper archiving allows for the development of effective reports and rapid searches to consult and analyze the recordings history at any time.

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