Supports the planning of workloads, optimizing the production sequence and ensuring compliance with constraints, whether they are internal or external.


Production efficiency and demand satisfaction are two key elements to ensure the competitiveness of a company.
Scheduler simplifies production with a visual interface that supports factory management while ensuring compliance with deadlines.

Through built-in MRP planning and MES production execution software, Scheduler optimizes scheduling by taking into account production constraints and providing for easier progress control.


  • Improved OEE with reduced downtime
  • Overall reduction of setup and product change times
  • Reduction of the time spent by the planner for scheduling
  • Easy management of schedule changes
  • Real-time visual control of production progress
  • Respect of execution priorities for correct order fulfillment

Scheduler features that improve your work

Visual Planning

The planning tool allows you to graphically view the scheduling of Production Orders, while ensuring easy drag & drop rescheduling.

Optimization Algorithm

It is possible to automate the scheduling proposal, based on different algorithms that can be selected according to the planner's objectives. The system automatically proposes the best production sequence, which can be modified by the user.

Real-Time Line Control

Graphic indicators support the planner through real-time display of the capacity of production resources directly on the scheduling interface, ensuring an even distribution of workloads by shift/line/department, etc.

Planned vs Actual comparison

Thanks to the integration with the MES, the system is set up to acquire the production progress in real-time and display the Planned vs Actual comparison, that is, between what is planned on Scheduler and the actual progress on MES.

Deadline Alert

The Scheduler system graphically highlights to the planner the scheduling sequences that do not respect the constraints of minimum production start date/maximum production end date.

Setup and Product Change Management

It is possible to manage a registry of the production lines set-up and preparation activities, including those preparatory to start-up. The system allows you to configure planning constraints for these activities and duration per production cycle.

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