Automated Messaging Tool

Automated Messaging is the tool that allows you to reach interested people through a real time messaging system. The right message, to the right person, at the right time.


Automated Messaging is the tool that, upon the occurrence of particular events or anomalies, allows you to notify the people concerned via a real-time messaging system (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or push notifications).

Natively integrated with all On.Plant software, it allows you to define the events that trigger the sending of the message on the basis of configurable queries on any company software, also allowing interactivity with the recipients of the notifications.


  • Increased responsiveness of the user who receives the message
  • Risk reduction in case of anomalies
  • User interactivity with bidirectional communications
  • Almost zero activation time

The Automated Messaging Tool features that improve your work

Audit Query Scheduling

Control query scheduling with customizable execution frequency (continuous, every 5 minutes, once a day, etc.) on any type of relational database.

Notifications sending

Starting from the results returned by the queries, it is possible to automate the sending of notifications via email or SMS with the possibility of customizing the accompanying message.

Automatic execution of corrective actions

Starting from the results returned by the queries, it is possible to automate the execution of procedures for the correction of the data on the database, pending a decisive intervention.

Integration with the main providers for sending SMS

The module is integrated with the main providers for sending SMS.

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