Production Plant Supervision

Efficiently supervises the production process, providing a single point of access and control of the automatic subsystems that make up the line and communicating with them in real time.


The Production Plant Supervision solution allows for the creation of a singlecontrol point for the entire production process, based on the digital twin representation of the systems that make up the production plant. It acts as an integrator between the manufacturers of the individual machines.

The application retrieves diagnostic and operating information, allowing you to set the work parameters based on requests from the MES.


  • Efficient management of the production process
  • Can be integrated with existing MES production management systems
  • Single point of supervision and control of the production process
  • Designed to easily adapt to the evolution of production processes

The Production Plant Supervision features that improve your work

Process supervision

The operator, through intuitive web interfaces, is able to supervise the operating status and set the working parameters of multiple machines directly from a single management point.

Monitoring and diagnostics

The system recovers anomalies in real time from individual machines and provides diagnostic tools that guide the operator in resolving the signals.

Integration with management systems.

The system can be interfaced with existing WMS. The information flows are bidirectional and in real-time: WCS receives the handling requests and notifies about the related events of interest.

Integration with IIoT platform

Through specific connectors, it is possible to activate a bidirectional data exchange with IIoT platforms, an enabling solution for Industry 4.0 projects.

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