The software platform that simplifies the complexity of Operations and Supply Chain

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Onit designs and implements the software solutions of the On.Plant platform that help simplify your company's management and improve its efficiency, quality and safety. Innovation also lies in the use of integrated hardware systems and technological devices for a unique and complete solution: ideal to meet any of your business needs.

On.Plant is a living, robust, reliable and constantly growing suite: download our brochure and discover its features, benefits and news.

Simplify the complexity of Operations and Supply Chain now, bringing the fruits of efficiency to your organization's garden.

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Solution for Manufacturing

Transform your production line, from planning to execution.

Solution for Warehousing

When "efficiency" means everything is in its place.

Solution for Transportation

We are the ideal companion for your every trip

Solution for Automation

We put machines at the complete service of human beings.

Solution for Internet of Things

Everything under control, at a glance.

Solution for RTLS

Localization technologies that focus on quality, safety and efficiency.

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