Proof of Delivery - POD

Monitor the progress of a shipment while it is in progress and act proactively in the event of non-compliance. From acceptance to delivery, each stage of the journey is signaled by the driver via their smartphone, even without connectivity.

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Fraunhofer IML validation

In 2023 Onit obtained the Fraunhofer IML validation for On.Plant/TMS.
The important German research institute, part of the largest applied research organization in Europe (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), has certified the quality of the software that allows the planning and optimization of shipments, enables tracking of trips in real-time and facilitates communications within the transport network.


Proof of Delivery is the software that makes it possible to have control over the progress of the entire collection/delivery process. POD supports the back-office work of the logistics office, as well as that of the drivers.

Integrated with the company ERP or TMS, POD allows you to manage the information and any non-conformities provided by the drivers, dematerializing and storing all the travel documentation.

Suite On.Plant - Software Proof of Delivery


  • Overview and centralized control of the delivery progress process
  • Responsiveness of the back-office in the management of newly detected non-conformities
  • Increase in the quality of the service, thanks to the reduction of errors in delivery or collection
  • More reliable deliveries, thanks to a more precise ETA referred to the customer
  • Saving of manual data-entry upon return of the Transport Document
  • Reduction of the volume of calls and of the communication channels between the actors of the process
  • Traceability and immediate availability of documents in case of verifications and checks
  • Recovery of physical spaces, less paper - the environment is thankful!

The Proof of Delivery features that improve your work

Sending Trips to Drivers

The logistics planner displays the list of planned trips and selects the ones ready to be sent to the driver.

Confirmation of driver's acceptance

Drivers access the application from their smartphone using their credentials. From there, they confirm acceptance of the trip, by pressing a button which is equivalent to a simple electronic signature.

Loading and Departure

The driver displays the history of the stages making up the trip accepted, defining the best route (thanks to the Maps that take into account the limitations for heavy vehicles) to reach the various destinations.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Thanks to the historical or real-time traffic services provided by the maps, the system calculates the expected delivery time for each shipment and provides precise information on any delays.

Delivery result

The driver can notify the moment in which each delivery is carried out and specify the outcome (accepted or rejected by the recipient), accompanying everything with any notes and photos. It is also possible to add new items to the delivery, retrieving packages rejected in previous stages.

Management of collections and exchange of pallets

Within the delivery it is also possible to enable the management of any collections, as well as the exchange of pallets, whose data will then be managed within the Cost Control module thanks to the Pallet Accounting functionality.

Signature collection

The recipient's signature is "proof of acknowledgment" of the delivery result available on the smartphone. To reach the level of simple electronic signature, it is necessary to access the recipient of the goods via personal credentials before signing or using advanced Wacom-type devices.

Delivery Monitoring Portal

Collaborative portal with differentiated access to information according to the person accessing it: client, carrier, agent or customer/recipient. Possibility to monitor the journey with the visualization of the status of the deliveries and any corrections.

Live planning

With the active Planning software, planning is enabled on the basis of the real-time position of vehicles already traveling and for the management of intra-day emergencies, very useful in specific critical sectors.

KPIs Report

The system is able to save and analyze all data, so as to monitor the performance of drivers and transporters, detect inefficiencies and anomalies and develop strategies to reduce errors and optimize the process.

Dematerialization and Archiving

The system sends an email with the PDF (also digitally signed) of the transport document and the accompanying invoice indicating quantities, expected and actual amounts.

Dematerializing and archiving documents in the Cloud allows you to easily search for them in the event of disputes. It is also possible to envisage the implementation of a Substitutive Conservation system for tax purposes.

Delivery Notice

Thanks to the integration with Automated Messaging tools, notifications (via email, SMS or other) can be sent to operators (drivers, agents) or customers waiting to receive the goods. It offers the possibility, for example, to decide whether to notify immediately of any delay or only when a delay exceeds a certain threshold.

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