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In the reserved area you can upload and update the necessary documentation, as well as accept travel requests: information is centralized and better communication and safety is guaranteed between the subjects of the transport chain.

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Fraunhofer IML validation

In 2023 Onit obtained the Fraunhofer IML validation for On.Plant/TMS.
The important German research institute, part of the largest applied research organization in Europe (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), has certified the quality of the software that allows the planning and optimization of shipments, enables tracking of trips in real-time and facilitates communications within the transport network.


Carrier Portal is a portal for collaborative supply chain management.

The carrier can access it to manage all the documentation and respond to travel requests proposed by the client. The latter, in turn, uses the portal to verify that the documentation is correct and to assign the trips planned with the Planning software.

A valid tool to support both carrier and client companies.


  • Efficiency of supply chain communication between client, transporter and customer
  • Reduction of communication channels used between the parties
  • Zero risk of jointly responding to non-compliance on transport
  • The burden of keeping the documentation up-to-date, now is in charge of the carrier

The Carrier Portal features that improve your work

Travel Requests

The carrier receives an email with a link to access the Carrier Portal site in which he will have to confirm acceptance of the travel request planned by the client, by entering the relevant data on the driver, vehicle, timetables, etc.

Acceptance Document

When the transporter confirms that he has accepted a trip, a document is automatically produced with the information relating to the acceptance: driver, license plate, travel info. This document is saved as an attachment to the trip, providing proof of acceptance of the transport order.

Carrier documentation

Possibility to view/modify/enter the typical documentation of the carrier (e.g.: statement of correct fulfilment of welfare contribution obligations, carrier's liability insurance, transport contract, ethical questionnaires, etc.), with the relative status of the last expiry date and relevant attachments.

Vehicle Documentation

Possibility to view/modify/insert typical vehicle documentation (e.g.: overhaul, third-party vehicle insurance, various registration certificates, calibrations, ATP) with the relative status of the last expiry date and relevant attachments.

Driver documentation

Possibility to view/modify/enter the typical documentation of drivers (e.g.: CPC license, ADR PTC, licenses for special qualifications), with relative status of the last expiry date and attachments, as well as telephone contact.

Control Panel and Notification Center

From this dashboard you can easily check the status of the relationship with each client and, thanks also to the notification center, be updated in the event of expiring documentation or a response to a missing travel request.

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