iOTTO Platform

Make management of all systems efficient and reduce the consumption, thanks to customized dashboards, real-time data analysis, proactive alerts and warnings. Thus, process progress is monitored, performance is improved and maintenance is optimized.


Thanks to the iOTTO Platform you have full control of plants and machinery, optimizing their maintenance and energy management of companies.

The system allows for a complete 4.0 digitization of the entire factory, interconnecting production lines (PLC, SCADA, machinery, datalogger, etc.).

It is also suitable as a centralized Building Automation platform, for HVAC systems, lighting, access control, etc.


  • Increased production performance
  • Quick identification of anomalies and malfunctions
  • Reduction of consumption and plant management costs
  • Improvement of management and maintenance activities
  • Solution enabling Industry 4.0 projects and factory digitization
  • Optimized and sustainable energy consumption

The iOTTO Platform features that improve your work

Real-time monitoring

Custom dashboards with a series of configurable widgets, with the possibility of performing aggregations on a time basis and creating screens to display both numeric/percentage and status data (on/off, fault, open/closed)

Live calculation and reporting

Formula editor for the insertion of customized indices and KPIs, with the possibility of adding advanced calculations on any type of data (arithmetic, logical, conditional, etc.). You can generate automatic reports, define their layout and set up sending by email.

Alarm Management

Editor for the creation of alerts on all the variables present in the system (measured values or formulas), with the possibility of classifying them by priority and/or visibility permissions. It is also possible to send them by email, SMS or via App. Alerts can generate automatic tickets and workflows.

Regulation and implementation

Possibility to control the systems by sending commandsset up and configurations, both on a time basis and on the basis of the product bill of materials. The module can be used both as a Building Automation system and as a production operational supervisor.

Advanced Analysis

The data is classified by time categories (e.g. weekdays vs holidays, day vs night, working hours vs breaks, etc.) or by type (type of alarm, geographical area, site, production lines, etc.). The data can then be analyzed via integrated PIVOT tables or dedicated widgets.


Native integration with iOTTO Edge, to connect with the physical world (sensors, PLC, SCADA, various devices) through standard reference protocols such as OPC UA and Modbus, or with proprietary protocols of the main vendors (Siemens, Omron and others).


Thanks to algorithms based on multiple regression analysis, it is possible to identify any correlations present between the monitored variables. You can create operational models to compare the performance of the system with respect to the optimal model or to adjust the system based on the model itself.

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