Proof of Loaded Truck

Truck loading certification is provided, collecting photos of the goods just loaded. The photographic evidence acts as a deterrent to reduce complaints by the recipients of the goods for damaged packaging or quantities of goods received that do not match the order.


Proof of Loaded Truck stores all the photos useful to prove that the goods have been loaded onto the truck in accordance with the quantities ordered and in compliance with the integrity of the packaging.

Based on the installation of an industrial camera and a mobile PC, it allows you to associate the photos with the journey and browse them in the event of disputes, thus relieving the warehouse of responsibility and costs for handling the complaint.


  • Reduction in the cost of managing returns for damaged or missing packaging
  • Avoid the reputational impact of handling a complaint
  • Increase the attention of forklift drivers during loading operations
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks to document loading operations
  • Quick and effective photo search
  • Safe storage of loading operations

Proof of Loaded Truck features that improve your work

Take pictures from forklift

The operator on board the forklift commands the collection of the photos during the loading operation, choosing the loading bay on which he is working on. Thus, the photos for each pallet or load level are directly related to the trip assigned by the shipping office.

Take mobile photos

The person in charge of locking the truck can take photos from a mobile device for those details of the vehicle (e.g. photos of seals, belts, etc.) that cannot be collected from the point of view of the fixed camera mounted on the forklift.

Photo storage

Each shot is saved on the Cloud or on-premises platform. Efficient browsing of photos to respond rapidly to any complaints at the unloading phase. Possibility to send photos of the freight to the recipient as soon as the truck leaves the company.

Travel management flow

The shipping office governs the trip statuses, assigns the trip to proper the loading bay and manages its exit.

Distance meter

To avoid damaging the packaging of the pallet behind the one on the forks of the forklift, it is possible to view on the vehicle PC the status of the distance between them, thus supporting the forklift driver in the loading operation.

HW optionals

Polarizing filters for reflection removal; external antenna for Wi-Fi; Antenna and Module for 4G-LTE

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