We have a "Zero accidents" vision among forklifts and between forklifts and pedestrians. The Safety system detects dangerous situations in the warehouse and in the factory and communicates with the forklift drivers or with the driving systems to automatically slow down or activate the warning systems on the forklift.

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Onit is a technological member of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, a collective American reality that fosters international partnerships with the aim of connecting technology providers and manufacturing companies, thus accelerating the diffusion of products based on Edge AI and Computer Vision.


Onit pursues the “zero accidents” vision among forklifts and between forklifts and pedestrians, thanks to the use of the most modern sensors for detection of objects, people and their localization.

Safety alerts go off in the event of risk situations with acoustic, visual or vibration steering systems, and are also able to implement the forced slowdown of the forklift in the most dangerous cases. The "Missed incident" report shows where the risks occurred.

Declaration of Conformity
On.Plant/RTLS is approved according to European quality and safety standards, as evidenced by the declaration of conformity.



  • Reduction of the risks of serious injuries
  • Reduction of damage to mobile assets and infrastructure
  • Pedestrians do not need to wear a wearable tag to be safely recognized
  • The near misses report supports analysis on how to improve safety
  • Detection of actual risk cases
  • No video recording, respect for privacy

On.Plant/RTLS: safety first

The Safety features that improve your work

Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P)

Front and rear cameras on the forklift detect the presence of people in the direction of travel: the people-detection sensors do not require the presence of a network infrastructure, increasing the reliability of the solution.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

The Indoor and Outdoor location technologies allow you to know the position of each forklift in real time. The centralized collision warning algorithm detects situations in which two forklifts are at risk of colliding, based on the direction, speed and distance between the two forklifts.


The driver is notified of a V2P, V2P BC or V2V event by:

  • Light alert with lamp in the cabin or floor-spot on the front or rear of the forklift with the color of your choice.
  • Acoustic alert, continuous or pulsed with configurable duration.
  • Steering vibration.

Missed incidents report

Centralized monitoring on a map of the positions of missed incidents: those situations in which the system has detected a risk and generated an Alert or implemented a forced slowdown.

Load check

Integrated with the FGS software, it allows to alert the forklift driver if the weight loaded on the forklift exceeds the capacity of the forklift. A forced slowdown of the forklift can be configured, as long as the loaded weight is not reduced.


Fixed cameras detect the presence of people in the most dangerous areas of the company such as blind spots, where there is no line of sight between the forklift and the pedestrian. The system combines this information with tracking the position of the forklifts to warn them of the hazard around the corner.

Speed Zoning

Zoning is a configuration rule of warehouse areas to activate automatisms to limit the speed of the forklifts (e.g. crossroads, picking bays, loading bays, doors for transit from outdoor to indoor areas, etc.)

Forced slowdown

The Safety system can activate forced slowdown in situations of greatest danger (V2P, V2P BC or V2V) or Speed Zoning. The feature can be enabled according to the forklift model.

Forks raised control

Integrated with the Forklift Guidance System (FGS), it allows you to alert the forklift driver when they are driving with the forks raised. It is possible to configure a forced slowdown of the forklift as long as the forks are not lowered.

Warehouse Automation

Depending on the position of the forklift, it is possible to activate automation in the warehouse, such as switching on the lights when crossing in an area with little traffic, automatic opening of the doors, etc.

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