Customer Portal

The portal allows you to better manage your relationship with customers, allowing you to acquire shipping orders, display invoices for completed orders and show the customer the processing progress of each order (delivery tracking).


The portal serves to collect and convey all communications between those who carry out the shipping and those who order it. Customers connect to the portal to enter shipping orders, see the taking charge and progress up to the final delivery of the goods (or the execution of collection in the case of collections). Invoices relating to the coverage of work order are also displayed, with the possibility of attaching documents and producing credit notes.


  • Elimination of emails, phone calls and transcription errors in collecting orders
  • Customers are always kept up-to-date as invoices and documents are always visibles
  • No more phone calls to verify the progress of the work orders
  • Centralized, shared and orderly information
  • Easier reconstruction of the order to respond to any disputes

Customer Portal features that improve your work

Order taking

The customer enters shipping orders directly into the portal

Order progress

The customer can see the order progress and the estimated time of completion of each order on the portal

Sharing of invoices

The customer receives an archive of invoices directly on the portal

View delivery tracking

The customer sees the proof of delivery directly on the portal (POD module integration)

View pallet balance

Pallet position is visible to customers in real-time (integration of the Pallet Accounting module)

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